Meyer-Optiks Claims Its Nocturnus 75 f/.95 is the ‘Worlds Fastest’ 75mm Lens

German lens manufacturer Meyer-Optiks Görlitz is adding a new 75mm lens called the Nocturnus 75 to its f0.95 aperture lens line — and folks, it’s a fast one.

The Nocturnus 75 is a 75mm full-frame lens that sports a f/0.95 aperture that’s so fast the manufacturer is calling it “the fastest 75mm lens in the world.”

The fastest 75 mm full format serial lens in the world

Meyer-Optiks claims that the Nocturnus 75 has the widest aperture for the focal length available that will still capture sharp details when it’s wide open. This lens features a clickless aperture ring and a 15-bladed iris that should create a great Bokeh effect for those working in portraiture.

“The combination of 75mm and the unique aperture of f 0.95 creates images of an unmet aesthetic especially when shot wide open, generating a three dimensional appearance where the subject seems to be stepping out of the image. The Bokeh is smooth and under the appropriate condition may contain some sharp edged light circles,” says Meyer-Optiks

Two differently colored Nocturnus 75
Two differently colored Nocturnus 75


“The Nocturnus 0.95/75 is a handmade masterpiece,” claims Meyer-Optiks. According to the press release, Meyer-Optiks’ trained expert staff makes each Nocturnus 75 by hand.


Focal Length: 75mm
Aperture range: f0.95 – f16
Mounts: Fuji X, Sony E, Leica M
Angle of view: 32°
Minimum Focal Distance: 0,9m
Filter Thread: 82mm
Elements/Glasses: 5 Elements in 5 Groups
Aperture Blades: 15, with special anti-reflex coating
Weight: ~ 750g

Pricing and Availability

Meyer-Optiks’ Nocturnus 75 is expected to start shipping on December 12, 2018 for about 5,500 bucks. The lens will be available in Leica M, Sony E, and Fuji X mounts.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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