Amazon Has Lowered the Mavic Pro’s Price By 230 Dollars

While not perfect, the Mavic Pro offers undeniable quality to drone consumers with a long lasting battery life, a small, portable design and great 4K video. To add to that, the Mavic Pro’s original 1,000 dollar price tag was already a great deal in the marketplace. However, Amazon is now selling Mavic Pros for just 769 bucks!

In total, this is a 230 dollar price drop, making the Mavic Pro 30 bucks less than DJI’s new Mavic Air. The Mavic Pro’s price has never been this low before, and it’s very tempting to anyone that’s been eyeing the Mavic Pro. Just look at the unedited video quality that the Mavic Pro can achieve:

The Amazon deal includes, in addition to the actual Mavic Pro drone, its remote controller, a battery and chargers, a 16GB SD card, spare propellers, and three USB cables (Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C).

Also, for 1,078 bucks, you can get the Fly More bundle, which has been dropped by 221 bucks from its original price. With this package, you will get two extra batteries, extra propellers, a charging hub, car charger, a battery to power bank adapter and a shoulder bag.

We can probably attribute this large price drops due to the market shifting their attention to the Mavic Air. While the 799 dollar Mavic Air is smaller, lighter, it also has a shorter battery than the Mavic Pro. In any case, they are now priced about the same with just a 30 dollar difference. Additionally, the Spark is being currently offered for 339 dollars, originally priced at 399 dollars.

Both the Mavic Pro and the Spark already offered great value with their original prices, so these new prices just add even more bang to your buck. You can check out our full reviews for the Mavic Pro and the Spark for a deeper look at their value to you.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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