YouTube Outlines New Consequences for Creators who Cause Harm to their Community

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Consequences for "harmful" content

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I suspect that this entire post is code language for "Let's get rid of Christian-based content". I hope I am wrong about this, but I have seen this movement gaining steam all across our nation. Of course, we all know the few groups that are behind it. They might get their way, too, but the end result for those people will be too horrible to contemplate. This life is short for any man, but the life that comes after is endless. Granted, it's a difficult concept to grasp, but it is true, nonetheless. We should all be tolerant of each other, even if we don't agree. We all have the right to speak our beliefs, however. None of us should be "shut down" and forbidden to speak what we believe. Every group must be allowed to speak the truth. 

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