CES 2018: Seagate Debuts Fast, Portable Storage for Drones, Phones and Cameras

Seagate Technology, taking advantage of the CES 2018 spotlight, have announced several portable storage options, including the LaCie Copilot, Joy Drive and Rugged SECURE, and the Seagate Fast SSD.

According to Seagate, these new offerings provide solutions to the world’s mobile population’s increasing need to create, process and access data on the go.

“Our world is becoming more data-centric, connected and mobile. This means creating, transferring, storing and accessing data quickly and reliably is critical to unlocking the potential of everything — from data created in the field to data powering self-driving cars, AI personal assistants or virtual and mixed reality experiences,” said Tim Bucher, senior vice president of Seagate Consumer Solutions, in a statement. “At Seagate, we’re constantly pursuing innovative ways to address our customer needs so they can gain a competitive edge in whichever field they play.”

LaCie DJI Copilot


From Seagate’s premium brand, LaCie, and in collabroation with DJI, the LaCie DJI Copilot is a backup storage unit that’s capable of transfering data directly from a camera, mobile device, drone or memory card without needing a computer or a laptop.

With the unit’s built-in screen, users can connect their phones to Copilot and manage the files they store on it. And when connected to a phone, users will have the ability to view and playback stored content at full resolution. All of Copilot’s organization and playback capabilities are done through LaCie’s BOSS (Backup On Set Solution) app.

Copilot offers 2TB of storage; LaCie says the DJI CoPilot can “Ingest up to 30hrs of 4K footage on a single charge” and can “Store up to 65hrs of 4K 30fps footage or up to 20,000 RAW photos.”
It comes with Lighting, micro-USB and type-C cables and it works with both Android and iOS devices.

Copilot with be released come this Spring for $350.

Seagate Joy Drive


Seagate describes the Joy Drive as a “portable power bank” and “external storage solution” geared towards use with phones and tablets.

As a mobile power bank, Joy Drive offers extra battery life to your Android devices, but it also offers extra storage as well. With up to 1TB capacities and a built-in USB OGT, you can use the mobile app to copy, view and manage media, with no need for Wi-Fi.

“Forget streaming lag times and lack of Wi-Fi. Wherever your mobile lifestyle takes you, Joy Drive for Android provides you extra media storage. You can download 4K video, view offloaded photos and videos, watch previously downloaded movies and manage all of your media while on the go,” says Seagate.

Joy Drive will be available first in China this March, with a price in Chia of 660 CNY ($99). Seagate is still considering other markets, and availability in the US is yet to be announced.

LaCie Rugged Secure


LaCie’s Rugged Secure is the company’s first Rugged drive to be hardware-encrypted with Seagate Secure technology. It comes with a new Toolkit software that will automatically lock the drive once it’s disconnected for your computer, requiring a password to reopen it.

It offers up to 2TB of data storage, futureproof compatibility with USB-C interface, compatibility with USB and Thunderbolt and drop, crush, shock, and rain resistance.

It’ll be released this Spring for $139.

Seagate Fast SSD


This SSD offers a transfer rate of up to 540 MB/s over USB-C. It’s housing is shock-resistant, and it works with Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 gen2 and legacy USB.

And it also compatible with Seagate’s Toolkit software.

You’ll be able to get the Seagate Fast SSD in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities for $99, $169 and $349 this Spring.

To learn more about these products, go to Seagate.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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