Can you tell the difference between a Canon C200 and a Panasonic G7 in a Blind Comparison?

Max Yuryev has decided to put the Canon C200 and the Panasonic G7 through a blind video comparison to see if you can see the $7000 dollar difference between the $447 G7 and the C200.

Yuryev makes it very clear from the get-go that the video isn’t to see if the G7 is better than the C200. “… there is a world of difference between these cameras. Obviously I know that,” says Yuryev. What he really wants to see is if the G7 is able to produce footage that’s at least comparable to the C200 and to encourage beginning videographers to not go out and buy an expensive camera when there are cheaper options, allowing you to learn your craft without having to greatly sacrifice the quality of your footage.

Yuryev conducted an a/b test with the cameras, saying that it’s “the most fair way to see which one you like better.” He then encourages those that are watching to keep a tally and mark down which ones they liked better as the video progresses. The results of the tallies are pretty interesting. The viewers appeared to split between the two, some even saying that they liked the G7 most of the time. But everyone seemed to agree that the G7 was at odds with the C200’s autofocus.

Even though Yuryev says that the C200 is the best cinema camera that he’s ever shot with, he concludes that the G7 is still “such a great camera for such a low price” and highly recommends it as a B camera, even if you’ve been shooting video for a while.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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