Watch a Rally Car Crash in a 4K 360-degree Video

This past weekend, Gloucester, the Wyedean Rally in Gloucester, England was in full swing and Daniel M-W witnessed an alarming incident. One of the events rally cars crashed right in front of him, and while the car was crashing, he had his Ricoh Theta V 4K 360-degree camera recording the entire thing.

Luckily no one was hurt; the two drivers were reported to be a little shaky and bruised, but overall they were fine.

“Toyota crashes on stage, occupants walked away fine,” Daniel writes. “Well done to first respondents who handled the scene very well to get the occupants out as quickly and safely as possible.”



Daniel M-W’s video demonstrates just how 360 video can be used and experienced. The 360 4K video lets you see the crash from numerous views. Probably first, you’d focus on the crash itself, but if you play it back you could focus on the reactions of the auditions. Later you could focus on the background bicyclists as they pass by the scene as the rally car came close to them.

Instead of focusing primarily on the subjects a cameraman’s decided to point the camera at, viewers are able to decided on what they want to focus on for themselves. Both have their benefits and it’s important to see the potential in 360 videos to make it even better.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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