GoPro HERO6 Black Goes Against the Yi 4K+ 60fps Action Camera

Dave Dugdale has put the new GoPro HERO6 Black to the test with a video comparing it to the Yi 4K+ 60fps Action Camera. Both of the camera shoot 4K 60, and the price difference between the two is about $150 dollars, with the HERO6 being $499 and the Yi 4K+ being $340 (with housing). So how do the two stack up against each other?

Dugdale says that what he is mostly looking at with his comparison is how well the cameras are able to shoot on their own with white balance, exposure, and anything else that is done automatically.

He starts with the camera’s image stabilization capabilities and he rules that HERO6, with GoPro EIS on, wins hands down. He says that the HERO6 is “so good [with stabilization] it’s like gimbal-like, like without the gimbal.” He believe that the feature in the HERO6 alone could get GoPro owners to upgrade to the HERO6.

Next, he lowers the camera’s sharpness levels to the lowest levels that they would both go. At their lowest levels, Dugdale says that they pretty much equal in their image sharpness. “You can see that they look pretty darn similar,” says Dugdale referring to a side-by-side comparison of the two camera’s footage at low sharpness.

Later, Dugdale compares the camera’s exposure and contrast. “The GoPro always gets this right,” says Dugdale. “And the Yi would always get really milky and washed out kind of look to it.” Dugdale point both of the cameras into direct sunlight and he says that the Hero6 is able to hold the contrast a lot better’

Dugdale move onto white balance and he interestingly found that one performs better inside while the other performs better outside. He ruled that the Yi wins in pretty much every single indoor shot and the GoPro wins in every shot outside. He suggests that if you are deciding between the two, you should buy the GoPro if you shoot outside a lot and if you shoot indoors a lot, you might want to get the Yi. He notes that he loves how the Hero6 in outdoor situations where there’s a lot of light. With the Yi, he notice that it tries to find a neutral object and tries to neutralize it too much.  “In those early morning hours or like during sunset, the GoPro would honor that kind of warm light where the Yi was trying to cancel it out and neutralize it.”

In the end, Dugdale says that he would shoot with the HERO6 over the Yi mostly because of the GoPro’s color reproduction. He says that they both have great 4K 60 and electronic image stabilization, but he doesn’t want to sacrifice color quality.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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