Check Out This Map with Every Country’s Up-to-Date Drone Laws

It’s important to know what laws pertain to your drone if you own one and plan to fly it. That’s not too much to ask if you only have to remember one location's laws for drone use, but what if you travel to a different continent? Do you know what drone laws Sweden’s drone laws are off the top of your head? What about Nepal's? Drone laws vary from country to country; they even vary from state to state in the United States. It can get pretty tricky when you’re traveling with your drone. That's why blogger and traveler Anil Polat, decided to create a world map with the laws of every country.

Polat used drone laws that were sourced from every country’s governing body and he updates its frequently in case those laws change. He’s also include links to registration forms and contact information that you may need to request permission to fly for each country.

As for the United States, which has states with varying laws and counties with area-specific laws, he’s included separate state laws as well.

The map is color-coded into four different categories depending on the country’s or state’s laws and how severe they are. Green means that drone use is usually allowed. Yellow means that drone use is limited or may require some registration processes. Red means that drone import or use is prohibited or greatly restricted. Grey means that there isn’t any defined UAV laws for drone use.

You can access this map on Google My Maps. There is also a smartphone app that contains the same data, which can be used for Android and iOS.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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