Atomos Sumo19M Trades Recording Capabilities for Lower Price-point

The recently announced Atomos Sumo19M targets professional videographers looking for a monitor upgrade with 1200 nit brightness, HDR previewing and a reasonable price point compared to the competition.

The Sumo19M has 1920 x 1080 ISP screen, which is daylight-viewable and capable of 1200nit brightness. Atomos has made this display big and super bright for film crews working on location. The Sumo19M also includes HDR capabilities that aim to ensure you are properly exposing your image across the full dynamic range of your camera. In addition, the Sumo19M can display a “wide range of 4K and HD sources” says Atomos. Unlike other monitoring solutions from Atomos, the Sumo19M does not include recording capabilities.

Atomos says that, like other offerings, the Sumo19M has a number of exposure and composition tools, some of those tools being waveform monitoring, zebras, 1:1 and 1:2 magnification and peaking.


Atomos says they have worked to make a monitor that offers quality video playback for on-set viewing, while trying to keep it affordable with a pricetag of 1,995 dollars.

“The idea with the Sumo19M is to bring the latest advances in modern on-set monitoring to a much wider range of cinematographers, directors, producers and other creatives than ever before.” says Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos. “We have harnessed our engineering knowhow and mass production techniques to make the Sumo19M available to our customers for much less than any monitor with similar performance. Now anyone will be able to utilise a high brightness on-set monitor and HDR, not just high-end productions.”


The Sumo19M has two 12G/6G/3G SDI inputs for A/B input comparison of 4K or HD sources. It supports up to 60 fps and signals can output and cross-convert between SDI and HDMI. It’s also got a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring when you're on-set, along with three separate XLR power inputs.


Atomos’ Sumo 19M will be made available in September and will be running for 1,995 dollars.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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