CyberLink U Webinar Aims to Make Online Presentations More Engaging

CyberLink Corp., known to video editors for the PowerDirector line of editing software, announced on recently that they are releasing a broadcasting service called U Webinar that they say will make “the art of preparing and delivering online presentations” much more “engaging and interactive for both presenters and participants."

What U Webinar is suppose to do is allow its users to mix and arrange material that they have made in PowerPoint with other media sources either before the presentation or even on the fly in real-time. This is what CyberLink says will allow for “an uncommonly rich integration of contents in live seminars, virtual training courses and online workshops.”

“U Webinar takes a unique flexible approach that empowers presenters to deliver interactive, non-linear presentations and decide in real time to change slides’ order or skip back and forth, without interrupting the flow, ensuring a highly professional result. It leads to a more engaging and enjoyable experience for audiences,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “The experience is further upgraded by an intuitive user interface so anyone can learn to use and adopt the U experience without any hassle.”

One thing that U Webinar is suppose to be able to do is remove and lagging during videos or online chats while a presenter is presenting to their viewers. It is also supposed to have the option to let you record your presentation offline and edit recorded decks on a “slide-by-slide basis,” while making broadcasts available for on-demand streaming, which CyberLink says will “help presenters craft polished, error-free presentations prior to live broadcasting.” Cyberlink also says that it will be a great tool for recording, editing and sharing content.

This service is suppose to work with CyberLink’s PerfectCam, which they give to U Webinar subscribers for free. CyberLink says that PerfectCam users will able able to apply real-time virtual makeup so you can “adopt a commanding look and confidently deliver their online presentations.” Check out what they mean:

We could see U Webinar being helpful to video content creators using U Webinar for projects like how-to videos. It seems it offers good tools to record your entire session, edit it when you want and then share it.

CyberLink provides different tailored subscription plans for U Webinar, so you can get a plan according to the number of participants and the amount of time your session requires — or use the free version of U Webinar for up to 25 participants for a maximum of 60 minutes for the session.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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