Videomaker is Giving Away a Sennheiser AVX Wireless Microphone System

We always talk about how audio is crucial, but what can you do to make it better? It's easy to gravitate to getting new, more expensive equipment, but sometimes budgets get in the way.

Three things you want with any video project are versatility, creativity and quality. These go hand in hand with the AVX-Combo SET from Sennheiser. Just about every event videographer will tell you that a dependable wireless mic helps you get more usable audio than any other type of mic. If you’ve shot in a studio, you know that a wireless mic lets you be more creative. And if you’ve been stuck with the stereo mic on your camera, you might not realize the quality that's possible with a mic system like the AVX-Combo SET.

We want you to create better videos, which is why we're giving away this wireless mic system. If you have a few moments to enter your email address, why wouldn’t you enter? If you win the AVX-Combo SET, you’ll be well equipped to do interviews on the street and in the studio. You’ll have an easy setup with the handheld mic and bodypack transmitter. You’ll reduce wear and tear on your audio recorder and probably save a lot of time editing your audio.

The AVX-Combo SET is complete with receiver, transmitter, handheld mic, lavalier mic, XLR to mini jack cable and energy packs to power it all. Plus, the AVX-Combo SET, charges via USB, has mounts for your belt or hot shoe, and pouches and clamps to keep it all organized. You could buy the AVX-Combo SET for $1,625, or you can enter to win one right now.

Click to enter to win.

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