Red Giant Unveils Free Update for Magic Bullet Suite

Red Giant today announced the release of a free update to Magic Bullet Suite 12 — their color correction, finishing and film looks software solution. Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 now boasts real-time color correction during video playback, new trackpad control capabilities, and further support for DaVinci Resolve. [image:blog_post:58076]
Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 is a set of seven tools, including Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet Colorista, Magic Bullet Film, Magic Bullet Mojo, Magic Bullet Cosmo, Denoiser II and LUT buddy — and the latest update brings new features to each tool. 
Magic Bullet Looks (v3.1), for example, will now allow users more control over the color correction tools with a fluid Trackpad Mode. Magic Bullet Colorista III (v1.1) sees the return of the popular Skin Overlay feature, making it easier to verify and correct skin tones. Magic Bullet Film, Cosmo and Mojo now also support Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, adding to their existing host application support for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro X. 
There are a number of online tutorials to get a newcomer started with Magic Bullet Suite, including this tutorial on using Master Bullet Looks in DaVinci Resolve: 
Existing users can update to the new version here. 
More product details, and information on how to purchase Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 is available here. 
Ronan Browne
Ronan Browne
Ronan Browne is an Irish video producer and teacher based in Jyväskylä, Finland

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