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Hard to believe that Apple’s Final Cut Pro is only now releasing the second major update for software that debuted about four years ago. Bringing things up to date means accounting for more robust files, thus, downloaders of Final Cut Pro X 10.2 will gain GPU acceleration for RED RAW workflows, as a well as native support for JVC H.264 Long GOP, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, Sony XAVC S. What else keeps us more current than better titling options? Final Cut Pro X 10.2 will allow drag-and-drop 3D title options, as well as adjust materials and lighting. Found under the Inspector, these titles will need to be sent to Apple Motion for other parameters.


If you stay in Final Cut Pro your color grading falls under the Color Correction effect, and will be treated like one. Use the built-in masks and precisely chose where it is applied. You can also display up to four video scopes simultaneously. Masks can now help control every effect, including third-party plug-ins. Speed up your masking with a super ellipse for similar shapes or go off the options for B-spline smoothing, bezier, or linear shapes.


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Practice will tell us just how fast the processing options get with the Final Cut Pro X 10.2, the best part is, if you’ve already paid the $300 for Final Cut Pro, you get the update for free.

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  1. Hooray for Apple.  Hopefully, it will contain good share options.  The current version is so stripped out so that one has to have Compressor 4 installed to be able to export a reasonable sized file format.  Trouble is Compressor 4 is now unavailbale to anything less than OS X Yosemite, which according to the reviews on Apples own website, is so loaded with problems that there are more one star than five star reviews.  It is time to bring Steve Jobs back from the dead.  Bye, bye Apple – Hello Adobe!

  2. How about a Windows version of FCP……………oh yeah……….I forgot………..everything Apple has to be Apple. Good luck! Adobe and Avid have much more to offer, and they will run on my computer.

  3. Glad you folks can afford the subscription options.  

    I'm a serious hobbyist, don't make much money producing my videos.  Bought FCPX four years ago; it exceeds my needs and they keep giving me free updates.  

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