Sony Makes an Excellent Action Cam: FDR-X1000V at CES 2015

Excellence in an action camera, Sony continues to show commitment to making their camera better. In the FDR-X1000V they’ve included 4K recording at 3840×2160 and 30 frames per second. At the respectable 720p, it can shoot 240fps. The FDR-X1000V has Auto Non Flicker, Advanced SteadyShot Image Stabilization, and custom white balance. Considering the updates on action cameras throught the market, the FDR-X1000V is possibly the most improved action camera available.

What’s always key with action cameras is the way you get to mount it, and Sony has mounts to match. The FDR-X100V is tripod mountable even without the included waterproof case. When you add the case, you get dust, shock and water proofing. There’s simply more “yes” when it comes to the FDR-X100V and what it can do. Since they brought on Tony Hawk to help promote it, we’re excited to see how Sony will top themselves.

We are pleased to award the FDR-X1000V as the Best Action Camera at CES 2015.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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