Apple Announces Stunning 5K iMac

Apple impressed attendees of their fall iPad event in Cupertino today with a dazzling addition to the Mac line of computers — an iMac with Retina Display. Exchanging the marketing-speak for real numbers, the new iMac has a 5K display.

Ok, so 5K is kind of marketing-speak as well. Here are the real numbers: 5,120 x 2,880

That’s right. The display is 14.7 million pixels, laid out as 5,120 pixels wide by 2,880 pixels high. Seven times the pixels in a standard 1080p display. 67% more pixels than 4K. Enough screen real estate to edit 4K in full resolution and have room to spare. And it’s available today starting at $2,499.

Early hands-on reports praise the incredible visuals Apple users come to expect from Retina displays and specifically note the amazing viewing angles. Perfect for editing with a client.

Even brightness is delivered using Oxide TFT (thin-film transistor), and the display delivers the same low-glare, high-contrast performance of the last excellent iMac models. Even with all of these new pixels, Apple claims a 30% reduction in power consumption.

The specs of the iMacs have also seen an upgrade, with new Intel Core processors and AMD’s latest and greatest R9-series graphics.

More news to come as the devices land in reviewers’ hands over the coming days.

Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley is a producer, editor and motion graphic designer. He also writes for Videomaker and several other publications.

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