See How YouTube Is Making Publishing Video Easier With Version 2 of their Capture App

There is no questioning that YouTube and online video sharing sites changed the way we view and distribute video. It allows any video creator to reach a worldwide audience in the blink of an eye. Video is now a medium for the masses and people are seizing the opportunity to share their voice with video. YouTube is by far the most widely used online platform for distributing video. One of the obstacles that prevent some YouTube users from posting new videos is the video production process and pipeline. It becomes prohibitive to shoot video, upload it to a computer, edit the video, and then post it on YouTube. It becomes time-consuming and cumbersome. YouTube released YouTube Capture, an app in the iTunes App Store to eliminate this obstacle.

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture is currently available for iOS devices and soon will be available in the Google Play app store for use on Android devices. It's an app that allows users to capture video on their mobile device, edit it, enhance it, and post it to YouTube. There's no need to jump between devices and transfer files for each step of the video production process. Users are able to record video in the app or use videos that are already recorded with their device's camera. One of the nice features of YouTube Capture is the coinciding enhancements. Users are able to access the YouTube Audio Library to place music beds in their creations. YouTube Capture also allows users to take advantage of YouTube's other enhancement features such as color correction. Uploading, tagging, and sharing videos are all performed in-app. The interface is straight forward and intuitive to use, meaning users can be up and running once the app is downloaded onto their mobile device. It's a free app and makes the process of creating videos even easier for YouTube creators who want to stay connected with their audience while on the go.

Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning freelance writer and video producer.

Chris Ace Gates
Chris Ace Gates
Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. He is a big fan of animation and transmedia storytelling.

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