Free Report – Master YouTube: Get Viewers and Make Money

There have been hundreds of YouTube video sensations from singing stars and political pundits to Chinese language teachers who have not only generated millions of followers, but some have also produced significant salaries.

Personal and Powerful Points

YouTube and other video sites have created an opportunity that can help propel an idea, cause or hobby on to a worldwide stage. The first place to start is not the YouTube upload button, but your mind. You must begin with a purpose. Successful bloggers have always had a clear definition or provocative theme driving their efforts. Find your focus and develop it before your first upload. 

What’s in a name? 

The first thing to do is pick a name or avatar for your Web venture. Being Bob-favorite-number when you want to be known as the guy who owns the best Italian restaurant in town is not as good as PastaPops or MountainViewRavioli. Better yet, see if your actual business name is available on YouTube. If it has already been used by another YouTuber, and it looks like the owner isn’t doing anything with their account, you can petition YouTube to let you claim it and make the most out of it. We highly recommend that you check out the United States Patent and Trademark Office at and search trademarks before you start. Their section on patent process is very informative and you can apply without an attorney.

Unique names tend to be easier to gain a trademark for. Make sure that everywhere you travel, you use the same name: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other sites that let you share videos. The more consistent you are, the greater your potential of gaining traction in the battle for views and Internet search results. And a good name will help people find you.

Building a Brand

YouTube provides templates for video producers to create their own Channel. This is a place where you can dress up a page with your colors, logos and themes. Make sure to have a professional-looking design; not just one large photo that is repeated several times over to fill up space. You may want to open Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator to do this. However, YouTube is constantly adjusting the features they offer here, so you’ll want to check in regularly to make sure your super-snazzy channel art is still in line. Your Channel page also has a unique URL which you can distribute to potential viewers. You can even make and send just a playlist of your videos, to target specific viewers.

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