5 Wardrobe Malfunction No-No's for Video

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Blue and Green costume

Many thanks for this advice. But what about green and blue clothing? These can interfere in a chroma-keying process. I recently filmed an actor running along a stretch of blue-painted wall. When it was time to replace the blue background with a forest/jungle, I realized that there were patterns of blue designs in his costume, and these made the final result horrible. I have learnt the lesson. But in the meantime any suggestions how to correct the error?

options to fix blue keyed out in clothing

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You do raise a good point.  You can add in avoiding blue or green clothing for any type of blue or green screen shots!


There are a couple of options you can try.


Take your footage, and key it so that everything looks great, and allow the blue in your talents clothing to be keyed out as well.  From there here are some options


1) duplicate the layer, and attempt another key on the new layer to  keep only the blue color in your talents clothing, and lay it under or over the initial keyed layer


2) duplicate the layer and rotoscope each frame to bring back the detail you lost in the clothing.  (I realize this will take a lot of time, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about the other parts of the image that were cleanly keyed)


There may be others out there with good solutions.  I would try the forums.




Hope this Helps!