Digital waveforms for audio signals

For the last challenge, we had you improve the color of your shots using traditional color correction techniques like curves, levels, and hue/saturation. For challenge 7, we're turning our attention to sound effects.

As a reminder, everyone who participates gets a complementary 3-month subscription to Videomaker Plus!

Videomaker Challenge 7: Sound Effects Only


How to Make a

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How to Make a

DIY Green Screen


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For this challenge, we don't want to hear ANY natural sound. That means all sound effects should be added in post, and all dialog should be dubbed over with ADR. Try to have fun with it! Sometimes matching inapropriate sound effects to the action and mis-matched words can make for a really entertaining video.

If you need some help, check out these Videomaker resources:

Automatic Dialog Replacement

Creating Sound Effects with Foley

Videomaker's Library of Free Sound Effects

How to Submit a Video:
It's a simple, two-step process.
1. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Post your submission in a Videomaker Forum Topic here.

Again, we'll make this a two week challenge, so the last day to submit your video is December 14.


Now here's a special treat: inspiration!


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  1. DANG! I just gave away my H – U – G – E Hollywood sound effetcs library, thinking I'd never again ( greatfully ) have a use for it after a 26 year career in LA post production.


    Hhmmm . . . . my was was a foley artist . . . . .


    Rick Crampton

  2. AH I have been expecting for this happen and it is nice to know that it did! I also did an academic writing about it but was not sure how it all goes, so this has been quite helpful. You have done a good job!

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