Pro Gear Highlight: Microdolly Camera Dolly System

The Microdolly Basic Kit Camera Dolly and Dolly Track System is a portable, precision built, durable and an easy to set up camera dolly system well suited to crews that want to travel light and set up quickly.

Key Features:
It's compact design is not only easy to carry but it also allows for quick setups. The spring loaded tracks snap together as they are unfolded, there is no need for any tools to assemble it. Hardened structural grade anodized aircraft titanium/aluminum makes the dolly and tracks lightweight (a net weight of 10 pounds or 4.53 kilograms) while still being sturdy enough to support a camera weighing up to 100 pounds (45 kilograms). With the help of pads and shims, the dolly can also be easily setup on uneven surfaces like sand, grass or snow.

The Dolly and track kit come with a variety of accessories that ensure smooth, silent and bump free motion of the camera much quicker than with conventional dollies and dolly equipment.
The basic kit includes:
– One T-Bar dolly
– A 13 feet (4 meters) of camera dolly track
– Two 13 feet track pads
– One dozen Track Shims
– One ratchet Tie-Down
– One wheel wrench tool
– A track bumper
– A 34 inch (86 centimeter) long soft case to fit the equipment into

Other accessories available as an upgrade are:
– Extra track kit including two 13 feet long straight tracks with foam track pads, shims, track connector kit and soft case
– Straight track sections 13 feet long with tube bag and track connector kit
– Curved track 15 feet long turning a full 90 degrees on an 8 feet radius
– Ladder dolly kit that allows the Camera Dolly and Track Kit to be mounted to a standard extension ladder
– Water resistant non skid track pads to protect dolly from sliding
– Push bar
– Camera High Hat
– Dolly Adapter Plate
– Platform
– Camera High Hat Board
– Tripod Tiedown Kit
– Studio Wheel
– Cup Adapter Kit

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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