HP Makes the Z1 Stand for All-In-One

This is HP's first workstation to have it all. A 27-inch display that snaps open makes for easy upgrading of internal parts, the Z1 features high end Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics, with more than one billion colors from A-FRC technology. This brand new computer should stand up to the rigors of video production and render intensive projects.

The physical form of the Z1 is easy to handle since it eliminates the large desk-hog tower and does not require tools to get internal access. With seemingly little space for storage, options had to be made available, so between SSD, RAID, removable drives, memory cards, slot-load Blu-ray writer, and 7.2K and 10K SATA, most editors will find a method that fits their current workflow. Speed is always a question for video editing computers and with room for two internal 2.5-inch HDDs and one 3.5-inch HDD and as much as 32GB memory, the Z1 should be fast enough to keep up with lots of computers. For transferring data to and fro, USB 3.0 should suffice. The operation wattage comes to 400, which puts it close to that of mid-range towers.

[image:blog_post:12992] The rest of the body houses the near 180 degree viewable LED display, IPS panel, 2MP 1080p HD webcam, and front SRS Premium Sound speakers. There are a total of 11 USB ports in and around the Z1, with the important 3.0 ones easily accessible on the side along with other commonly used ports for FireWire, mic, headphone, and media cards. The backside ports add LAN, SPDIF, line in/out, display port in/out and subwoofer. I get the feeling, this machine will make video playback a true joy.

Time may hold the best answer for how well the tool-less upgrades combine with the all-in-one package. Many across the globe will begin testing it for themselves in April when HP plans to make the desktop workstation available. With prices starting at $1,900 the Z1 may not only be a great investment for any computer shopper, but a space saving tool for any video editor.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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