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Every once in a while a well-produced video comes our way that we want to share with our readers. The Super List is one such project – it's a great video and all the more fascinating because it is the producer's first feature. Will Gallego attended a Videomaker workshop a few years ago, and has been an avid reader of Videomaker, and recently sent us this video for a look-see. You HAVE to check it out, it's pretty amazing: THE SUPER LIST from Will Gallego on Vimeo

About the Producer Gallego began shooting at 9-years-old on Super 8 film, but went on to make a career in other ventures after college. He returned to his movie creating passion six years ago when he had a brand new subject to follow: a baby girl. He moved on to be the event videographer for a couple of theater companies, and eventually created his own company, Gamma Ray Productions with Raymond Vargas to produce "the Super List", as a way to 'prove' the up-and-coming Gamma Ray Productions could deliver a quality movie, gain some valuable film experience and give everyone involved a chance to showcase their talent, which he hopes to enter into a short film contest someday. [image:blog_post:13147]

About the Cast and Crew It took eight months to complete, and was done in everyone's spare time – no one was paid, including the actors but a few had some materials or travel expenses covered. 36 people in all worked on different parts of the production. Writer Adam Winston and his partner and 3rd producer Frank Gallego (Will's brother) were looking for a CGI story to pitch to Dreamworks. They knew of Will Gallego's wedding video and music video work, and asked him to assist. Gallego writes, "I envisioned this as a live-action movie the instant I read the short screenplay.

From a practical standpoint, this was not a monumental task as far as logistics, cost and location. Once Dreamworks passed on the story, I let them know if they wanted to collaborate on a project, this story was just right." Based on Winston's script concept, Frank Gallego hired a Hollywood artist to deliver the well-done and professional looking comic-book and 'super list'. Will Gallego's role was as one of three producers, and also as Director of Photography and 2nd Unit Director. They shot in the autumn, to take advantage of the east coast's amazing Fall colors, and shot in several locations from Eastern Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The soundtrack was composed by Will Gallego's brother, William Gallego, and the two main actors, Derek and Ryan, are neighbors of Gallego, and Sarah is the director's daughter. Each had some stage experience, but this was their first time on a movie set.

About the Gear Gallego's gear list for the shoot include: Camera: Canon 5D Mark II. Canon Lenses: 50mm 1.4, 24-70L 2.8 and 70-200L 2.8. Soundtrack: Original music score by composer William Gallego was created with Apple Logic. Audio/Sound Effects: Zoom H4n. Entire Audio was mixed with Nuendo software. Anders Johansson/Sound Editor took care of all the Foley and sound effects. Cranes/Dollies: Losmandy Porta-Jib, Glidetrack I rent whenever possible, such as the jib and some lighting equipment(flags, extra c-stands, follow focus, matte box. )

Editing: Final Cut Pro 7. Trained in Apple One to One. Final Cut Pro 7, Motion and Photoshop Extended. Other: Marshall LCD70XP – 7 inch monitor, Zacuto follow focus kit, Petroff Matte Box with ND filters(a must for out door shooting if you want to open up the iris. [and he adds, "And of course, a lot of Videomaker reading and attending their 2 day workshop in Newark, NJ around 4 years ago. " How nice to be credited with helping him find his muse!]

Words from the Producer "I owe theater director, Ted Concepcion and Jesse Gallego a lot of credit for giving me the first video job opportunity. "Videomaker has been a great resource for me as a filmmaker. I studied film theory in Rutgers University, but other than being a NYC film studio production assistant during my college years, I did not have much other film experience or any contacts to work with in NJ for 10 years as I chose a different career path.

Luckily, I came across Videomaker magazine and subscribed. VM is a source of inspiration, especially, Mathew Yorks Viewfinder section each month. "There is an important message in this movie [that] Ray Vargas/Gamma Ray Productions values, and is forging forward with, mainly about the choices and decisions that kids/young people make at this point in their lives. Ray feels in an anti-bullying campaign, the decision our main protagonist makes, which we dont know for sure, is critical. Just Be Me Organization is interested in this movie as a vehicle for discussion in anti-bullying campaign. Kudos to Ray. "If I could give any advice to new filmmakers, go and shoot something, but know what you are getting in to, know the end game. Everyone has to commit to the project no matter how small a role.

A movie is a complete production package: story, sounds, score, and cinematography. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to write a book. Filming is like a muscle the more you exercise it the stronger you get. No matter your role is in the movie, give it 110%. Value your crews time and efforts by rewarding them with a finished project they can showcase. This is their reel as much as the rest of the producers. Dont wait. Set deadlines, deliver and move forward on your path. Your crew will respect you for it and will be read to go make another one. I am grateful I have a dependable crew that gives it 110%. "In closing, I love one of your moderators feedback on your forum for the film. He gave excellent constructive feedback, but on top of that, he says: now go make another one.

That is the true spirit of Videomaker: great advice and encouragement. Thank you Videomaker." You're welcome, Will, keep up the good work, and keep us informed. Besides our well-known monthly magazine and website, Videomaker has many resources for learning for different types of needs from our face-to-face workshops like the one Will attended, to our training DVDs, books, eDocs and webinars. Our mission to to teach and encourage video producers to make their dreams come true – kudos to Will and his gang for keeping their focus strong and their dream alive, good luck to all of our readers who strive to make a project as entertaining and compelling as "The Super List."

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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