Sculpted eers showcases custom fitting earphones

Noise canceling headphones remain the zenith of audio monitoring, but silicone as the method by which noise is reduced wasn’t brought to light until Sonomax brought Sculpted eers to CES 2011. The process, no matter how awkward, can solve cumbersome headphones, provide non-slip listening, and discrete, effective noise canceling. After using the over-the-ear kit to fill your ears with silicone and waiting four minutes, your headphones will be hard to share.

Comparable with other headphones in terms of weight, cable length, sensitivity and the common 3.5mm jack, Sculpted eers is simply left with its highlight features. Such a simple concept as filling the spaces of the ear to cancel out noise should be easy on the brain, and hopefully the fitting process is too.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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