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Every once in a while, I just want to share with the world some good news and today’s blog is just that.

Videomaker began making our online video Tips and Tricks segment way back in October 2005, and our following was slow, but sure.

A while back a fan of our Tips & Tricks series showed us how he did a great job incorporating two of our tricks in one video (all in one continuous shot to boot).

KIAN GOT HIT BY A BUS!!! in response to two of our Special FX videos: Hit by a Car AND Ghostly Special Effects

I love it! This made me feel like we’re really doing our job, when we can teach these and our readers can have fun applying them.

We love hearing about our readers and viewers who have created videos in response to our tutorials, or have tricks of their own they did based on ideas we supplied.

Please check out this list below of other videos our fans uploaded in response to our Tips and Tricks videos, they’re pretty cool. Please be kind in your responses, many of these video producers are just starting out, and our job is to encourage and support… with constructive critique.

Some of these are videos the producers made before they saw our Tips & Tricks segment and are offering our viewers another look at a different way to make them, other videos are directly from learning how to do the effect through our tutorials. Enjoy.

film senza storia – In response to How to Make your Video Like Film.

When Woodsmen Attack – An Educational Video – In response to: How to Shoot a Fight Scene.

Man Vs. Child (BRUTAL Fight!!) – In Response to: How to Shoot a Fight Scene.

Special Effects TEST – In response to Special Effects: Gun Flashes.

Stupid camera angle – In response to: Deceptive Camera Angles.

me as ghost – In response to: Ghostly Special Effects.

??????? (The Mirror) – In response to: Green Screen Post Production.

Don’t Blink – In response to: Simple Special Effects

Unpacking the cribs ,Timelapsehaunted mirror (behekste spiegel), Shanghai timelapse 2, Timelapse Collection andGrowth of a Venus Fly Trap – all in response to: Videomaker’s Timelapse 101.

Dance and Dance -In response to: Split-Screen Effect.

Brushing Teeth – in response to: Cutting on the Action.

The Phantom Shoes – in response to: Videomaker’s Special Effects 101 – Backwards Effect.

Ink Drop Video Intro – In Response to : Creating Design Elements: Ink Spreads and Drops.

Here are a couple notes from our viewers that might make you smile:
“Thank you very very very much for your videos. I’m a video producer in my beginnings and your tips are so great, they will help me in my video career. thank you.”
“Thanks for your tips and tricks about making videos. They really helped me out in my college projects. I just made a video for class that was my first experience in making video and acting, but everything became much easier because of the tips from your channel. Thanks! Keep them coming!”
“Thanks! I followed all of your tips and I won an award for Best Young Filmmaker at my School”

How Cool Is That?!?!
Thank you to all our subscribers for your kind words. Videomaker’s mission is to teach you how to make video better, we appreciate your comments greatly. Our viewership and readership spans the globe with video producers watching, reading, learning and experimenting from us AND from you, our “extended family”, in every country on Earth. We ARE a special class of people, we see the world not just through our own eyes, but the complex eye of our camera and we love to share our experiences with the world.

You guys are doing a great job, keep posting those videos, keep on watching and definitely, Keep Making Video!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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