Time Warner vs. Fox Steel Cage Match Ends Tonight!

Tonight at the midnight hour, a huge war will finally be settled… Or will it? Due to a bitter dispute over fees Time Warner may very well eliminate Fox programming from select markets all across the country. The dispute largely centers around a proposed rate increase and the end result seems to be the Fox network and cable channels disappearing from Time Warners cable network tonight.

It looks like we will not reach an agreement and our channels may very well go off the air in Time Warner Cable systems at midnight, wrote News Corp president and chief operating officer Chase Carey in an internal memo sent to company employees on Wednesday.

This means Football, American Idol, 24, House, The Simpsons and more would no longer be available to Comcast subscribers. According to Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt, “Consumers should not be held hostage during these negotiations. That’s just wrong.”

In a turn of events that is simply startling to say the least, Time Warner has released a how to video examining connecting a PC to a TV so viewers can view Internet video on sites like Hulu and Fancast. What does that mean? This means that now we are witnessing Time Warner essentially cut out the legs from under both Fox for offering content online as well as themselves for showing customers how to receive without subscribing to a cable provider. Here is the video below, be sure to tell us what you think about this interesting period in cable history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujkZh5uIa8

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