Can’t Find That Data Cable?

Have you ever gone to your local electronics retailer or spent countless hours online searching for that one data cable?

Well, you’ve got a solution!, a manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity and technology parts, launched it’s new Digital Camera Cable Finder. The Site’s Cable Finder database includes cables for both digital video cameras and still cameras. The Cable Finder’s interface capitalizes on the traditional drop down menu system and if that’s not easy enough, offers live chat assistance with customer service and technical support if you do run into any trouble finding those pesky cables.

The Process is as easy as selecting the camera manufacturer and model number. Then once you’ve found your camera, you’re given the option of selecting which length best suits your needs, no hassle dealing with cables too long or too short. got it right with the Cable Finder. It meets all the criteria for Bookmark-worthiness. It would be nice to see other sites follow with a similar feature for finding miscellaneous parts or electronics.

If you would like to learn more about cables or need help with the appropriate names be sure to check out our Video Cable Guide and If you’ve got any helpful resources similar to leave a comment with a link! I’m always looking for Bookmark-worthy sites.

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