Ultimate Camera Recycling

As I predicted, the larger part of our small-town lost power again last night in our first BIG storm of the season. [image:blog_post:13733]Not being able to use any electronics, instead relaxing in the semi-dark with candles and a roaring fire, sipping hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows made me realize that the Holidays (with a capital "H"!) are just around the corner. So with the Holidays approaching, youre thinking you need a new camera to make sure you capture all the twinkle, sparkle, radiance and laughter during the over-commercialized season, right? [image:blog_post:13734] (Read our latest 2009 All Camcorders Buyers Guide here, that we just put online this morning, as an advancer for your early Holiday shopping pleasure!) [image:blog_post:13735] But, yeah, if you're in the market for a new rig, what are you going to do with your old camera? There are lots of ways to recycle the cam, (read some tips about camcorder recycling in Videomaker). Or you can go the art route, like Australian jewelry designer, Craig Arnold with his RE:VISION line of bracelets. Arnold uses the focus and aperture lens rings of cast-off cameras to make the cuff bracelets, and sells them for about $200. (Quite a profit, I seem to remember getting about $25 for my old film 201 Minolta SLR camera a few years ago on eBay.) These bracelets even include the scratches, dents and other track marks of a well-used product, adding to the authentic feel, for no additional charge. I can see a real market for jewelry made from recycled camcorder and video production gear. Im thinking little bud earrings made from lav mics, – rings made from camcorders red record buttons, – a colorful red, white and yellow braided necklace or Bolo tie from RCA cables, (you can vary the distance of the 1/8-inch pins to hang down like tassels all around your neck) – and a cool rope belt from braided XLR cables, (complete with the pins for clasps). Oh, Im on a roll, now! What about burned-out quartz bulbs in place of diamonds around your neck? Embellish them with red LED lights from a computer instead of rubies? (Maybe even make them blink!) Now, wouldnt I just be so stylin. I dont know, the Pet Rock turned brain-child Gary Dahl into a millionaire before people started thinking of other ways to stupidly part with their money. Hum speaking of Holidays, old video-tape strung out over a Christmas tree would be a great replacement for garland any other ideas out there?

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.