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Advertising Age has a very interesting story about what could become the future of the typical TV network. Just announcing a host of new distribution deals, will now be working with YouTube, NBC, the Roku set-top box and Vimeo to create the widest online sharing distribution that currently exists. already works with Verizon Fios, web-connected Sony TVs, Apple’s iTunes, AOL, MSN, Facebook and Myspace. They also announced that YouTube would be sharing analytics with them, in turn given them the chance to feed into ComScore. The whole process will result in creating more accurate metrics for potential advertisers.

This is big news for the future of online video and fans. Already the site has over 48,000 exclusive web shows, and this will help use their niche market web shows to aim advertisements to the right demographic. is well on it’s way to becoming it’s own TV network, giving viewers the option of choosing exactly what they want to see.

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