Greener Planet with ViewSonic

ViewSonic, makers of electronics like TVs, monitors and digital signage, has seen the mounting tons of electronic waste filling landfills every year and is working towards being a part of the solution instead of the problem. ViewSonic representatives say that all of their displays released since last summer feature a power-saving mode, which should give the user up to 56% savings in energy costs. The electronic billboards and LCD TVs now use up 40% less power than plasma TVs of the same size.Besides saving energy cost for the end user, ViewSonic engineers have designed the electronics using recyclable plastic and a screw-free assembly, meant to reduce the number of parts for future recycling efforts. The company is collaborating with recycling programs to give customers an incentive to recycle or trade. ViewSonics commitment to being eco-friendly has given them special EPEAT (Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool) certification for products that reduce toxic materials and waste, are mercury-free and feature reduced energy consumption.

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