Free HD Video-Sharing Site

We discovered a new video-sharing site producers might enjoy. Share My HD by Motionbox is geared towards sharing, storing and editing HD video free. Motionbox recently upgraded storage from 300MB to 1GB, which could be up to 2 hours of footage, depending on your format. Not too bad for free storage. Upgrading to a Motionbox Premium account for about $30 gives you unlimited storage, a nice plus for video producers working in a small town like Videomakers headquarters who need to share videos with their L.A. partners.
Users of the free account have an unlimited sharing capacity and online editing, while the upgraded program allows for larger file uploads and unlimited high-quality downloads, along with nice high-quality playback. You can keep your account private, share it with a select few or share with the world; its your choice. We did a quick test upload and found the site and directions easy to follow and very intuitive. Motionbox sent us an email to verify that our upload was complete. We then compared the same video with one we put on YouTube, and the quality was pretty darn nice. You can edit your videos from the site and allow users to mashup or edit them, too.
Even if youre still shooting only standard def, the quality of your videos on this site beats the low-level grade of many other sharing sites. Motionbox says this is because they convert your videos automatically to H.264, a high-quality codec, before they play them back on the web, while also using a higher bitrate.
Along with forums about Motionbox and how to use it, youll find within the site Ask Eric, a video tutorial guru that walks you through the steps to creating your account and uploading. It’s quick and easy for even the most webphobic videographers.
Share My HD is definitely worth a look for a free sharing site for high-definition video or for any video producer who is looking for something better than the lowest common denominator.

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