the Los Angeles Film Festival gearing up

Anyone who aspires to make the Next Great Masterpiece needs to watch lots of movies in every genre that are NOT box office hits. There's nothing wrong with the movies released in popular theater houses, but they were selected by distributors who think they can make a good amount of money on them, not for their cinematic value. Enter the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival, a festival for film independents where the cream of the crop producers and directors are invited to showcase their movies. [image:blog_post:13939]Including more than 100 documentary and narrative films, the festival draws about 85,000 attendees, including well-known industry names and celebrities. Some of the shows are free to get into, like the outdoor movie night, where they show the movies on projected screens in the middle of the streets in quaint Westwood Village. It's too late to enter for this year, but if you get the chance to attend this festival, you might be inspired to get working on your own masterpeice showcase. Start savings your nickels and dimes, this year's festival runs June 18 through 28th in Westwood California. Westwood is a charming little area, just a few miles from the famous Santa Monica beach, nestled between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, where all the "It" people hang out and play. Make sure you bring your shades, June in L.A. is an incredible time of year.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.