It’s Patch Tuesday… Time for maintenance

Yeah, we know we’ve told you to keep your editing computers off the Internet. But all of your computers that run Windows and that are on the Internet should be updated with the newest patches (that’s always on the second Tuesday of the month.) There are some big ones this month, including a critical kernel fix. You want to update.

There’s also a new version of Adobe Reader, version 9.1. We couldn’t get the updater in the program (in either Windows or on the Mac) to automatically pull this one down, so it might be prudent to go ahead and re-download this one. (If you use the full Adobe Acrobat, a new version is on the way within the next week or so, according to Adobe.)

After you’ve run these updates, don’t forget to do some other quick cleaning. Run a registry cleaner, defrag your hard drive, do a quick look for new video drivers, etc. These little steps will save you time in the long run–ignore this advice at your peril.

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