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For years, we video producers have had to deal with how we share our videos with our associates or clients when we want to discuss changes, and where to go next. Weve mailed VHS tapes and DVDs and waited for their response. Weve made low-rez e-mail and FTP links and waited for their comments.

Several companies have felt our pain and have devised better more efficient sharing systems. One such company we recently discovered is Market7, a company that helps producers save time, money and energy as they collaborate on video productions with each other and their clients.[image:blog_post:14024]

There are many programs that allow video file sharing, like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites, but Market7 claims to have a complete, end-to-end solution that takes a video producer and client from the concept and planning stages all the way through to post production. This online environment can make it easy for video producers and clients to collaborate on scripts, share and view current versions of a project, provide feedback directly inside the and more streamlining the work involved in getting projects finished and out the door.

Pricing is based on the amount of storage space you use. Check out the key product feature demos.


Market7s primary offering is, an intuitive online environment that makes it easy for video producers and clients to collaborate on video projects from conceptualization and planning through post-production. With, producers can assemble teams, define projects, develop content, securely share files and communicate clearly. The environment’s modules are organized by project stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.
Key modules include:

Production Brief: A highly customizable and openly accessible question and answer forum that establishes clear and accountable direction throughout the project. Here, collaborators:
– Determine project strategy and tactics in group forum
– Discuss important topics in threaded discussions
– Designate individuals to answer questions or approve brief
– Access and update frequently during execution to stay organized
Collaborative Script: Organizes script, storyboard and other key preparatory assets to assure a successful outcome. Here, collaborators:
– Create and modify the script easily with multi-column video/audio layout
– Integrate rich media content within script like storyboard, photos, video clips
– Edit, comment or restore prior versions
– Analyze running time with automatically estimated script duration calculator
Annotative Player: Intuitively integrates video access with messaging for clear, consensus-driven direction of editing and post-production. Here, collaborators:
– Upload video of any common format type
– Specify comments by exactly when and where on-screen they pertain
– Organize feedback for easy navigation and discussion
– Select and modify particular comments to pass on as edit instructions
File Management: Accepts and displays assets of many types, such as video, photographs or graphics in any popular format, or files of various computer applications. Any securely uploaded file can be accessed and discussed in the module. This allows collaborators to:
– Work on any module during file upload that occurs in a separate window
– Monitor upload progress and time left
– Share multiple formats of video, photos and other media
– Conduct discussions with team members linked to the files theyre about
Team Management: Effectively organizes big or small teams with clear indication of who’s whom and how everyone can be contacted. This allows collaborators to:
– Invite anyone any project with just an email
– Assign roles and manage personal profiles, including photos and bios
– Access the team directory easily with one-click email access
– Direct attention of any team member towards any element of the project
Event Management: Allows for an organized schedule to be established at the outset and maintained throughout the process. Collaborators can:
– Schedule events with invitations to any number of team members
– Import events into popular personal calendar software and sites
– View maps for events scheduled at particular addresses
– Receive updates when event details change

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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