Video Technical Services Announces Lithium-Ion Battery kit

Reprinted from a Video Technical Services, Inc. press release:
Video Technical Services, Inc. is proud to make a New Product announcement from CHINA CITYTEK, the 2110G Dual Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Kit.
The Kit is made up of a 75Watt-Hour, Lithium-Ion Battery Package that contains 2 power outlets; one that supplies 8.4 volts for most all DV-Pro Camcorders and a switchable 12 volt/19.5 volt output for either a Hard Disk Recorder or Laptop Computer. An LCD Display monitors both output voltages and condition of charge.
The 2110G Battery Kit is complete with Power Adapter Cables for many DV Camcorders and Laptop Computers, a compatible Lithium-Ion Charger, and a Carry Bag.
The lightweight, (less than 2 lbs.), and low Lithium Content of 6.1 grams, meets all International Airline Travel Regulations.
This and other Fine Products from CITYTEK can be viewed at

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