SmartSound at NAB with some Smart News

SmartSound demonstrated some new features to it’s latest SonicFire Pro 4.5 customizable music library program at this year’s NAB show.

Designed with a video editor in mind, not a programmer, an engineer or a musician; the new search engine program was very intuitive, allowing the editor to search for several key words like themes, and then narrow the search down even more to fine-tune instrument type, music genre, music bed length, and “sting” points.

Once the bed is in the timeline, you can make easy keypoints to add stings, punches, or lower the audio level for a voice track, for instance, and you can adjust the key points to move along the track with ease.

Music addition used to be the bane of the one-man-band editor, as most of us are video editors, not music composers. With the multi-level Mood Mapping and sensory search, the fun is back in editing. As our demo rep said, “It’s how editors edit”.

Some current users of SonicFire Pro can get a free upgrade, check SmartSound’s site for more details.

SonicFire Pro 4.5 will be available in June.

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