G-Technologies enhances product line for creative pros

G-Technologies was busy this NAB introducing a new drive and updating a few others. The new G-RAID Pro drive is a triple interface (FW 800, FW 400, USB 2.0), RAID 0/5, 4-slot hot-swappable hard drive with up to 4TB of capacity. The G-RAID Pro will be available in June for $999 (MSRP).

The G-RAID mini 2 (pictured above) improves upon the previous model by offering both RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations. Now, the choice of performance or data protection is yours. The G-RAID mini 2 also features an eSATA connection rounding off it’s impressive set of connectors. Capacities include 500GB, 640GB, and 1TB. The G-RAID mini 2 ships in June starting at $599 (MSRP).

Last, but certainly not least, the G-RAID 3 was given additional connections, boosting it to a quad interface (eSata, FW 800, FW 400, USB 2.0). The G-RAID 3 touts throughput performance of 120 MB/sec. Configurations include 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB. It’s also available in June, starting at $499 (MSRP).

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