Avid WAS at NAB

You may have heard that Avid snubbed NAB and wasn’t on the docket, but the company did have representatives there, just not on the convention center floor.

Choosing to forgo the millions-plus costs (that’s millions with an ‘s’) that included setup, rent, delivery, manpower, etc ; Avid instead met one-on-one with press, vendors, and buyers in a quiet off-site location nearby. As one of the thousands walking all over the show floor, this was a much needed respite from the madding crowd.

The Avid Next Generation is specifically designed to make the HD editing process faster and easier, without the usual time-suck wait for rendered video and effects to cook. Reps demonstrated some pretty powerful effects layered upon each other and there was no lag time that HD footage and heavy effects can cause.

Avid also added even more to their already robust meta data features, including time code notes that can be color-coded, resized and placed on the screen where ever the editor wants.

Read more about Avid’s latest releases at: www.avid.com/newthinking

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