reprinted from a Litepanels press release:

Litepanels announces the launch of its new Broadcast Lighting Division. The company incorporates its proprietary light-emitting diode (LED) technology into HD-friendly broadcast lighting fixtures that requires a small fraction of the electrical energy used by conventional lighting equipment.
The needs of television are very different from the motion picture industry, where we cut our teeth, says Ken Fisher, Litepanels’ co-founder. The new division allows us to concentrate on the unique needs of broadcasters.
Litepanels is no stranger to the requirements of broadcasters. ENG crews began using the on-camera Litepanels Mini because of its inherent soft-projected output, low battery-drain, and ability to be dimmed without affecting color balance. Litepanels is also lighting newsroom studios and other venues, including the White House Briefing Room. In addition, the highly-portable Litepanels are ideal to illuminate live news remotes.
High Definition presents real lighting challenges to the broadcaster, adds Fisher. The older light fixtures that most stations have are not designed to yield flattering images of on-air talent with the higher resolution cameras used today. The unique, soft quality of light provided by Litepanels, along with their full-control dimmers, is exactly what’s needed.
As energy prices continue to rocket to new highs, broadcasters doubly benefit by lighting with Litepanels. First, the fixtures themselves draw about 5% of the electrical power of tungsten-lamped fixtures. Moreover, because Litepanels’ LEDs generate practically no heat, there are additional, substantial savings in air conditioning costs.
The extended life of Litepanels’ LEDs provide over 10 years of life. Contrasted with the much-shorter lamp life of incandescent lights and the hazardous, mercury-based fluorescent tubes, Litepanels is for a green-minded broadcaster who wants a rapid return on investment.

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