Welcome JVC’s GZ-HD6 and GZ-HD5: update from the PMA and WEVA show floor,

JVC surprised us with two new HD camcorders at PMA. Both these camcorders look and feel very similar to the HD3 we reviewed in our latest issue (March, should be hitting shelves in a couple weeks). The new JVC GZ-HD6 Everio Hard Drive camcorder features a 120 GB hard drive, 3 CCD progressive scanning and 1080 60p output via HDMI. The GZ-HD6 on paper appears to be quite a workhorse that rivals the GZ-HD7 yet is significantly smaller and shares a great deal of the prosumer functions that makes the HD7 so appealing. These two new camcorders are also the first from JVC featuring x.v.Color for those of you with a HDTV that supports that color mode. This means that JVC will manufacture their own HDTVs with this mode built in. The JVC GZ-HD6 and GZ-HD5 will be available in March for $1400 and $1200, respectively.

In other news (hey, WEVA is here too, ya know), ImageSpan and WEVA have partnered to produce a new online licensing site for creative professional in wedding and event videography. Non-WEVA member can jump in content-licensing fun too for $99 annually. Essentially, this new site will be a portal for creative content producers to share their content and license it among each other, while facilitating all the paper work, pricing, usage history, etc. We’re going to dig into this story a little deeper, but in the meantime you can check out the press release here.

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