Spot Runner Acquires GlobeShooter

Reprinted from a Spot Runner press release: Spot Runner, the first Internet-based ad agency, announced today that it has acquired GlobeShooter, a network of more than 1,200 independent filmmakers, professional videographers, photographers, producers and production companies throughout the U.S. The services of GlobeShooter, which will be renamed the Spot Runner Production Network, will significantly expand the company's ability to offer highly customized ads for both TV and the Internet. The network will become part of Spot Runner's existing and future products aimed at local, regional and national businesses, spanning television and online media. The Spot Runner Production Network gives the company the capability to quickly deploy a local filmmaker to capture on-site video footage of our clients' businesses — such as images of their storefronts, customer testimonials, employees at work, product demonstrations and local landmarks. This footage will be incorporated into ads from Spot Runner's library to produce personalized, relevant, high quality local TV and online ads at an affordable price point. "We are very excited about this partnership with the filmmaker community. The members of GlobeShooter, now called the Spot Runner Production Network, are top-notch professionals who have been hand-picked for their creativity, experience and quality of work. The acquisition of this network is a natural extension of our strategy to be a central resource for local businesses' broad spectrum of advertising needs," said Nick Grouf, CEO of Spot Runner. "We are the only company providing a fully integrated advertising solution that includes video production, media planning and media buying services across multiple media types." "Spot Runner represents a huge new growth opportunity for our network members," said Simon Foster, founder of GlobeShooter. "The company is on the leading edge of creating effective, affordable, award-winning advertising content. I'm excited to see the new business opportunities opening up to our network members and looking forward to working with them on innovative projects." To ensure the locally produced video matches the caliber of Spot Runner's ads, members of the network are selected specifically for their filmmaking skills, experience level and prior work. Once accepted in the network, they will be invited to partner with Spot Runner on a variety of local projects, including conceptualizing, writing, directing, filming and editing spots for TV and the Internet. The benefits of being a member of the Spot Runner Production Network include opportunities to: — Build their portfolio and grow their business by having access to Spot Runner's clients, which include thousands of small to large national brands — Create innovative work with Spot Runner's in-house team of award- winning producers, editors, writers and directors — Market themselves as members of the Spot Runner Production Network "Spot Runner is a nationally recognized and respected agency that advertisers trust," said Mike Hofferth, producer at Kombine Media, a full-service video production company based in Los Angeles. "We're looking forward to being introduced to a broad new base of clients through the Spot Runner Production Network and working on some exciting new projects." Foster has joined Spot Runner as director of the Spot Runner Production Network and is responsible for growing and managing the network. Foster has extensive experience in the commercial and music video production industry. He has worked with many well-known brands, such as Apple, Nike, IBM, Cisco and Chevrolet, and bands, such as Gnarls Barkley, Velvet Revolver and Dave Matthews. Businesses interested in utilizing the Spot Runner Production Network for their advertising can call 888-851-SPOT (7760).

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