OK, Videomaker Presents Fans! Episode 56 is up and ready, just in time for the weekend! Here are the show notes and URLs for this show.. enjoy. Video Bits & Bytes: Industry News: Adobe tells us that Creative Suite 3 will be announced later this month. NVIDIA announces their latest graphics processor. Sorenson announces a hardware processor for HD. Disc Makers ships a new Blu-ray Disc duplicator. Video Sharing: We revisit VideoJug, a how-to-do-it site where you can learn practically anything. Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and Andrew show us different ways to shoot yourself when youre in the field working as a "One Man Band". Take 20: John and Charlie debut This Place, the Music Video winning entry from our short video contest by the band, Sons of Day. Hands On: Andrew is back with a look at some features to Panasonics HVX 200 camcorder.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.