So we now know that Google cut a deal to buy YouTube; any chance this move might impact us as video producers? It really hard to say; but it does raise many questions. Certainly, there will have to be something left of that 1.65 billion to throw at improving the quality of user generated content after a few Lamborginis, a bottle or two of Cristal, and platinum-plated lava lamps are purchased. But since the name of the game, so far, has been quantity, not quality, should we simply expect more and more and more of the same? Will consumer generated media (CGM as some have coined) remain the land of the lucky, the bizarre, and the reckless? Will there be room in the new YouTube world for those of us that would like to share and even profit from distributing our well-planned, well-shot and well-edited video projects? And if so, how will they be separated from the masses? Apart from how YouTube eventually stratifies content submitted by everyone from those that have absolutely no interest in becoming better videographers to Hollywood producers, one thing is clear; knowing how to tell and present a story well will have premium value. Time will tells us if this eventually becomes the major dividing line between what gets seen and even purchased, from what is merely that day's email attachment.