What do eerie music, rattling chains and catwoman have in common? "Videomaker Presents"! We just posted our current vidcast, "Videomaker Presents episode 36 and it has a bag full of Halloween Tricks. We told you how to shoot and edit for the green screen in our October issue of Videomaker Magazine in our "Timeline column, and Episode 36 shows you how the finished video looks. Continuing our festive theme, we chose an entry from last years "Videomaker Short Video Contest for this episodes "Take 20, titled "R.I.P.T.V., which is based on a ghoulish subject: Death, by producer Richard Falzone of Springfield Illinois. Episode 36 also looks at another scary subject: on-line purchasing and offers you "Buyer Beware tips to surf with. This episode also has more news on Adobes purchase of Serious Magic… but, hey! Dont sit there reading this, download our "Halloween Special now and see Brian with his Thinking Cap on, Mark looking at bit "Patton-ish, and Derek looking well like an oddball on Safari.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.