The popular video monitoring and direct to disk recording software package is now in version 2.0 and is packed with new features. In addition to now supporting DVCPro50 and DVCProHD, one of the first big changes youll notice is the much larger 1280×720 monitor window. A nice improvement for actually seeing details in what you are trying to monitor. In this latest version, the folks at Serious Magic included timecode support for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, and Avid solutions. Also included in 2.0 are motion-activated recording, stop-motion recording, and time-lapse recording; each not exactly core to the suite, but cool new additions if youre into any type of animation or security monitoring. The GUI on the software scopes remains the same and very functional. MSRP for the HD version is $795/$395 upgrade. The SD version is $495/$195upgrade. Well be digging into the details soon, so be sure check back.