Editing Hollywood movies your way
Have you ever wanted to edit out a scene from your favorite movie, either because you think a scene in one movie is too scary, violent or sexually graphic for the kids, or a long played-out scene from another is just too boring? Now you can. Cuts is a new program that allows just that.
Recently, several high-profile Hollywood movers and shakers have managed to keep companies that offered trimmed versions of their movies off the market. But Cuts doesnt sell you an edited version of a movie–you have to buy the full DVD, and then you can edit it yourself using Cuts software. You can share your edited version too, but again, it will only work if your recipient also has the full DVD movie.
Its all done through virtual editing, so youre not actually cutting the movie itself. You can place different characters from other movies into your virtual movie, and add dialog, commentaries, rearrange or delete scenes, and of course, edit out the scary stuff for the kids.
We see this as an interesting tool for student editors who want to learn how the masters compile a storyline. By allowing the students to dissect a scene, and rearrange it their way, they might get a better understanding of story building, continuity and edit trimming.
Check out the website, you can sign up for their beta version which will probably allow user's feedback on ways to improve the program.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.