New Frisbee cam from Catchu

from Catchu

Be part of the action you film

Catchu is a totally unique way of taking and making movies. Instead of having to hold the video camera, you throw it. Meaning to can take a whole manner of aerial shots from vertically down on a wedding party to a fly-by of a beach scene or maybe you just want to spy through your neighbours window.

Catchu works by having a broadcast quality video camera mounted on its underside with a mirror allowing you to set the view you see between 0 and 360 degrees (forward, backward, left and right in simple terms). The mirror can also be removed.

When you throw catchu the rotation of the disk makes the whole thing stable and the tail ensures that the camera body always points in the direction catchus thrown.

The detachable camera can film and store 20 minutes of broadcast quality (720 x 576) footage which is downloaded to your PC via Firewire or USB. Catchu is recharged at the same time. Because all the electronics are solid state, catchu can take whatever you throw at it.

Catchu will retail for around 45.

If youre interested in catchu please contact Adam Sutcliffe via

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