Intellidisc for enhanced DVD’s with no extra player

reprinted from an Intellidisc press release

(Alexandria, VA– July 12, 2006) NetBlender today announced the release of its Intellidisc 2.1 software, a new application for adding highly integrated Internet or ROM content to any DVD. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Intellidisc puts the power of sophisticated convergence technology in the hands of video and DVD producers.

"Most importantly, Blended DVDs made with Intellidisc do not require the end-user to install special software on their computer in order to access the enhanced features," said John Harrington, CEO of NetBlender, " There is no Intellidisc player to install. The customer puts the DVD into their computer and it just works."
With Intellidisc, any video producer can create a DVD that seamlessly blends real-time Internet content into their DVD. No specialized programming skills are required. Intellidisc works in conjunction with any DVD authoring software DVD Studio Pro, DVDit, Encore, and others. Intellidisc can be used to enhance and provide additional content to DVDs already in the marketplace as well. Remarkably, the output of Intellidisc can be delivered electronically and activated with a double click.

"There is a huge library of DVDs already on peoples shelves," said Denny Breitenfeld, Lead Developer at NetBlender, "now producers have a tool that allows them to deliver enhanced content to a DVD that has already been distributed."

Intellidisc bridges the gap between the DVD format and the PC by allowing producers to include websites, streaming media, RSS feeds and other real-time information right inside the DVD experience. Intellidisc can also seamlessly blend DVD video with on-disc files such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, high resolution images, or any other computer-based media. Through e-Commerce links blended into the main DVD experience, consumers are able to access information and purchase products that are strategically inserted into the video. Accessing this information is completely seamless the viewer will not be able to tell whether they are navigating the DVD or grabbing content from the Web.

Intellidisc is available through the Intellidisc website ( ) and retails for $299.

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