Panasonic announces new 3CCD camcorder

from a Panasonic press release

Osaka, Japan– As a successor to the SDR-S100, Panasonic is introducing the SDR-S150 SD camcorder. Following in the footsteps of the popular S100, the S150 is compact, lightweight and features high-quality 3CCD recording and MPEG2 images. The S150 improves on its predecessor by accepting the new 4GB SDHC Memory Card, a next-generation media that allows recording for up to 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The SDR-S150 packs a wealth of Panasonic’s top image-enhancing technologies into a conveniently small, easy-to-handle body. The 3CCD camera system provides superb color reproduction. The Optical Image Stabilizer helps deliver crisp, clear images without degradation for shooting either moving pictures or still shots. The Leica Dicomar lens and high-performance LSI Crystal Engine image processor assure beautiful image rendering. Also adding advanced MPEG2 technology, Panasonic has equipped the S150 to deliver truly outstanding pictures, even when shooting fast-moving subjects.

Taking advantage of the small, solid-state SD Memory Card, the S150 is tough as well as compact. Because theres no mechanism in the recording section, the S150 provides excellent resistance to impact and stable, almost error-free recording. It also offers outstanding convenience after shooting. Using a PC equipped with an SD Memory Card slot, for example, it is possible to perform non-linear editing without the need to connect any cables.

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