Celtx releases pre-production tools for Windows OSX and Linux

reprinted from Celtx
Celtx is Pre-Production software for film, video, theatre, and animation.

Use the Celtx Scene Details and Character Background forms to create dynamic story lines. Add sound files, pictures and video clips to help create a media rich Outline.

Celtx has a full industry standard screenplay editor that includes all of the features writers need to keep their fingers moving, like intuitive formatting, text auto-complete, pagination, script styles, CAPS selection, scene management, spellchecker, embedded notes, find and replace, PDF generation and other export options.

Celtx also supports writing plain text documents so you can write a poem, music lyrics, or your complete Novel.

Complete a media rich breakdown of your project, tagging key items like props, and actors and special effects with notes and pictures and even sound files to help give shape to your Story.

Use the built in Calendar and Reports features to keep your Project organized and to help keep track of any production requirements by scene or character or dialogue or action or any number of other ways that Celtx makes possible.

Celtx has a secure, built in Collaboration feature that lets you share your entire Project scripts, breakdown files, budgets, schedules, location forms etc. with team members.

Use the Celtx Collaboration feature to help keep track of their progress and to maintain a common vision among your team.

Publish your Project to Project Central where others can view your Project and provide feedback.


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