Serious Magic Announces Panasonic AG-HVX200 Support for DV Rack

Reprinted from a Serious Magic press release:

Serious Magic, Inc. announced today that DV Rack, the company’s powerful direct-to-disk video recording and monitoring software, will support the Panasonic AG-HVX200, the world’s first hand-held high definition solid-state memory camcorder.

“DV Rack records direct-to-disk eliminating the need to swap P2 cards while shooting,” said Karl Soule, product manager for DV Rack. “Because DV Rack monitors video and audio signal quality in real-time for either 1080i or 720p video, a PC or laptop connected to the HVX200 will enable users to obtain the best quality footage while saving time by identifying and correcting lighting, video, audio and continuity problems while on location.”

DV Rack enables users to instantly review a clip, scrub to any frame, zoom in, check levels, see audio peaks, and compare shots in a split screen and more – all without wasting time and head-wear searching tape. Recent enhancements to the software include expanded timecode support for slave recorded clips in the QuickTime and AVI formats. A keyboard shortcut has been added to zoom into a 1:1 aspect ratio of the Field Monitor providing line-for-line accuracy. This provides ideal resolution for critical focus when working with high definition. The new Flip Mode feature allows the image in the Field Monitor (and the signal in the Waveform Monitor) to be flipped horizontally, vertically, or in both dimensions. This support is particularly valuable to videographers using 35mm lens adapters such as the Redrock M2.

DV Rack support for the HVX200 will be available in early summer for $199.95 (MSRP).

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